Laboratory automation revolutionizes working in the lab by performing tasks in a rapid, error-free and consistent way. IBioScience Ltd. is an official contract partner of the American-Swiss-based international company Hamilton Robotics. As a result, in addition to the services related to next-generation sequencing, it supports the Hungarian scientific community with almost 10 years of experience in the laboratory automation market.

One of the core activities of the Laboratory Automation Division is to migrate manual workflows into an automated system which provides future-proof and long-term support to users. Additionally to liquid handling, our other area is to modernize the sample management of our partners with professional and software assistance in eventually creating complex automated biobanks. Our mission is to stimulate scientific research in the field of biotechnology and healthcare while providing the latest innovative technologies.



After getting in touch with us by phone or email, we will discuss the details of the request.

Workflow Description

Following contact with us, we will discuss in detail the process you want to automate during a personal or online professional consultation.

Custom Configuration

We create a custom configuration for the workflow described earlier that is suitable for performing your tasks.


After compiling the configuration, we will personally present the system in the form of a quote and explain its content. This will help you make your decision!

Method Development

After installing the system, our application colleague will develop the pre-approved workflow and adapt it to the robotic platform.


Once the method has been developed and adapted, our application colleague will test the process and, depending on the results, fine-tune its steps to make everything work properly.


If all results are correct, the system is ready for use. During the training, our colleague will explain the functioning and operation of the system, as well as any key points that are worth paying attention to as a user.

Full Service

We will not leave our customers on their own even after handing over the system. Our team from Hungary professionally support the systems we have installed and we also provide a continuous supply of consumables needed to operate our systems.